“No child or young person should fail to realise their potential through want of suitable clothing.”

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In 2017 a group of like-minded folks got together to provide a service in the Scottish Borders similar to that in neighbouring authorities – to provide donated and recycled clothes for children so they could take part in any opportunity to help fulfil their potential.

Within twelve months five Trustees were in role, the charity was registered (SC048410), volunteers joined, 65 children were supported with 195 bags of high quality clothes, lovingly presented as gifts in presentation bags.

With a great team of committed volunteers Tweed Togs emerged from these humble beginnings to becoming an established charity, providing a reliable, caring service for children from birth to 12 years. READ MORE

From Feb/Mar 22 Update

“I delivered clothes to a mum this week and she wanted to share that her son and her are delighted with the clothes for him and her unborn baby and now she is not anxious about babies arrival as feels more organised now the baby has clothes. The service you provide is amazing.”

December 21

“Thank you so much for the donation of clothes, my client was totally delighted with them. Watching her look at all the clothes has made her pregnancy more real and she is excited to meet her baby.”

Nov 21

“Delighted to support Tweed Togs, you all must give up so much of your time which is wonderful!! ”

Oct 21

“Hi I have a few really good girls jackets and some good clothes where can I drop them off. We got some clothes from your selfs for our 2 little girls! Very much appreciated!! I would love to thank all of yous for everything everyone of yous do for helping families out!! Yous absolutely ROCK!!" 

“Hello, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Sat on the stairs with your wonderful bags of clothes for my girls not knowing what to say other than Thank You. There’s stuff here that I could’ve only dreamt about buying for my girls this winter, and so beautifully put together. After losing my job, leaving an abusive husband and being left with nothing - you have put the biggest smile on my face and the girls will love the clothes too. Thank you x”

September 21

Mary Ritchie Health Visitor ‘Working as a Health Visitors with families who are struggling is very, very difficult. People have no idea of the reality of their situation. It affects all aspects of growth and development; physical,emotional, psychological. Very, very difficult circumstances. I can’t actually put into words the difference Tweed Togs makes to our families. Many families would have no clothes at all for their children but for Tweed Togs’. (from Robertson Trust Poverty and Trauma video)

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