Your help would be really appreciated

Most grants and award projects do not fund running costs, organisation overheads and general miscellaneous costs so we are always on the lookout for grants to support payment of these. There are also essential items we need to buy for our clothing parcels. Any financial help you can offer will be very gratefully received!

Donate Funds:
You can donate £5 by texting TOGS to 70085 (we do not collect any marketing information) or get in touch if you’d like to discuss making a donation.

Buy Clothing:
We also have an Amazon wish list, from which you can buy items that we are always in need of to fill our referrals.

Just Giving:
If you are doing any sort of sponsored event, why not think about doing it to raise money for Tweed Togs! It's SUPER easy as we are already on JustGiving.