Volunteer with us

Come and join our crew!

If you'd like to give up some of your valuable time to help Tweed Togs, we would love for you to join our crew! 

Volunteers help in a variety of ways, for example, sorting donated clothes, laundering clothes, creating the beautiful parcels we prepare for families and delivering the clothing parcels. You can volunteer on site or at home, so please do get in touch to find out more

Here's what our volunteers say ...

“I feel a sense of pride when laundering the lovely clothes which will give such pleasure to the children. Volunteering with Tweed Togs is also very satisfying, knowing we are helping families when times are hard, which many of us will have experienced in different periods of our life."

Bridget, Tweed Togs Volunteer

“I can honestly say I get so much out of volunteering for TT. It is very satisfying to know you are helping families to cope with whatever situation they find themselves in and to give something back to the community. It is an opportunity to work in a friendly environment, meet people and form new friendships.”

Sheila, Tweed Togs Volunteer