Our Story

How it all started

In 2017 a group of like-minded folks got together to provide a service in the Scottish Borders similar to that in neighbouring authorities – to provide donated and recycled clothes for children so they could take part in any opportunity to help fulfil their potential.

Within twelve months five Trustees were in role, the charity was registered (SCO48410), volunteers joined, 65 children were supported with 195 bags of high quality clothes, lovingly presented as gifts in presentation bags.

With a great team of committed volunteers Tweed Togs emerged from these humble beginnings to becoming an established charity, providing a reliable, caring service for children from birth to 12 years.

As the number of requests and range of referring agencies increased it became very clear that deprivation for some in the rural Scottish Borders was not only confined to economic poverty. Children who simply don’t have the right clothes for many and various reasons can be denied valuable experiences which enhance their development. Lack of access to play activities, socialising, outdoor pursuits, school residentials or just having enough clothes to cope with weather changes is enough to affect future development. These adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have a lifelong impact.

“The links between poverty, trauma, and ACEs in particular, are complex and there is not a simple link between the two. There is, however, growing evidence of an association between deprivation and ACEs and that risk factors
cluster together in the lives of the most disadvantaged young people.” *

There is also evidence that people who experience ACEs are more likely to experience poverty as an adult. When children experience poverty and trauma at the same time, the impacts can be even more profound, damaging and long-lasting.”

* Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, Risk and Protective Factors, 2005

"About Poverty & Trauma" The Robertson Trust

Accessed 3rd March, 2022

Here’s why we’re happy to help.

Children living in relative low income families in the Scottish Borders has increased by 5.2% from 2015 to 2020.*
*Scottish Borders Anti-Poverty Strategy 2021 page 51

Our mission is that no child or young person should fail to realise their potential through want of suitable clothing.

Here’s how we’ve helped so far.

1768 children (29/02/2024) children have been provided with wardrobes of seasonally appropriate clothes since 2017. That's 5304 lovingly packed gift bags.

But there is much to feel good about!

A constant and consistent stream of positive feedback from children, families and referring agencies kept us focused on our purpose. The careful selection of clothes, folded and wrapped as a gift in presentation bags, excited the children, gave relief to parents and the agencies and preserved the dignity of both the family and the children. And the volunteers love helping out!